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Holy shit! I was down for a fight and all, but I definitely didn't expect this to happen!

Demon bitch tackled me at The Bronze and, wouldn't ya know it, I landed right on top of the tacky amulet attached to her necklace! From what I gathered, all her granting wishes powers were now gone. She was uber pissed! She just kind of sat there in a shock for a minute.

I didn't waste a single second, though. I picked up the remaining pieces of the necklace and took off. I had to find B! It was pretty late, so I figured she'd be slayin' vamps in the cemetary. But when I got there, she was nowhere to be found. Well, that's odd, she's usually out here by now.

I ran all the way to her house, but all the lights were out. What the hell?! No Bronze, no cemetary, no home...where was she?

I gave up and went back to my hotel. I didn't even bother to check to see if the demon girl was followin' me. Even if she had tried, she couldn't keep up with my slayer speed. Just in case, though, I made sure to hide the amulet somewhere safe until mornin'. I'd have to get up first thing to make it to Sunnydale High in time to catch all B and all her little Scooby Doo pals. Maybe they can look something up in those musty ol' books of theirs and find out what this demon chick was here for and how to kill her.
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