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I ran down the stairs of the Summers' house and out the front door, essentially chasin' a shadow. That funky watch-out-behind-you feelin' in the pit of my stomach was getting more and more faint, and I knew I wasn't going to catch up with this vamp. Especially considering he was probably going to duck into hiding, since it was almost light out.

I ran and ran until my legs were fuckin' numb and it was then that I realized that this vamp had tricked me. Some time ago, they musta made me think they went one way, while goin' another. Damn.

I looked around in the semi-darkness, but I didn't see any moving shadows. That feelin' in my stomach was coming back and fuckin' strong! Closin' my eyes, I concentrated. I could feel something comin' up behind me, so I stealthily reached for my stake. I waited...closer...and bam! I did a spinning kick, so as to knock them over...

...but my leg hit nothing but air, takin' me by surprise and causin' me to fall on my ass. What the fuck?!

Whoever this Angelus guy was, he was good. I had a feeling I was a little out of my league at this point, and that pissed me off to no end. These past couple of days have been a total confidence buster and I fuckin' hate not bein' able to come out on top.


I dragged myself back up the stairs to B's room. The door was closed and I heard hushed whispers, but I knocked anyway. B's voice cracked as she told me to come in.

B was sitting on the side of her bed next to the guy I assumed was Angel. He was fuckin' beat up, with bruises and deep cuts all over his half naked body. I couldn't help but stare and if it hadn't have been for those cuts and bruises, the sight of his body would have turned me on like whoa.

B's voice brought me out of my drool session. "Well?"

"Nada, B. This motherfucker must be good if he outran me." B looked disappointed and turned back to Angel. "Hey, what's up, Angel? Name's Faith." I stuck out my hand for him to shake, but he just coughed and sputtered out a "Hi".

B was on another planet now that her boy toy was around. I watched her care for him and him responding with loving eyes. It was enough to make me gag, but at the same time, it struck a weird nerve in me. I'd never been in love fact, I was nothing more than a wham-bam-thank-you-little-girl to most, if not all, of the guys I was involved with.

"Guess I'll leave you two love birds alone," I said, trying not to sound sad. Closing the door behind me, I headed to my motel room to watch TV. I needed to be alone, sort out my sordid thoughts.
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